Experts in the fields of
corporate disputes, court proceedings, real estate, company law


We advise our Partners on current matters related to their business operations, always trying to anticipate their needs in terms of legal security. We specialize in the following fields: real estate law, court and arbitration proceedings, tax consultancy, corporate disputes, company law, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as transformation, division and merger processes of commercial law companies.


Real estate

  • disputes over property rights
  • cases regarding remuneration for unauthorized (non-contractual) use of someone else's property
  • cases regarding the management of a common property and its division into use (quo ad usum)
  • settlements between co-owners
  • acquisitive prescription
  • dissolution of joint ownership
  • issues regarding land easements and transmission, mortgage and perpetual usufruct
  • property audit before the planned transaction
  • cases regarding land and mortgage register proceedings
  • reprivatisation cases
  • training courses dedicated to people who work in the field of real estate trading and management
  • investment processes
  • real estate planning

Court and arbitration proceedings

  • representation in civil law and commercial law cases
  • representation in family matters including divorce, separation, alimony and parental authority
  • representation in disputes with banks and insurers
  • creating court trial strategies
  • representation in cases before arbitration courts and tribunals

Corporate disputes

  • cases regarding annulment or revocation of the resolutions passed by shareholders meetings of a limited liability company or a joint stock company
  • disputes over the redemption of shares (forced or automatic redemption)
  • excluding a partner/shareholder from the company
  • disputes in the context of the obligation to make additional payments and failure to pay dividends to shareholders
  • legal liability of members of companies' governing bodies
  • training courses for managers in the field of legal liability and counteracting corporate blackmail

Transactions and company law

  • legal assistance in setting up registration services for the commercial law companies
  • legal advice in reorganization of companies and capital groups, in particular in processes of mergers, divisions and transformations of the companies
  • drafting investment agreements and shareholders agreements
  • legal support in creating of the company’s corporate governance
  • comprehensive legal and tax advisory in relation to adapting the legal form of conducted business to the needs of the entrepreneur
  • legal audits including due diligence and corporate governanve compliance
  • drawing up and negotiating contracts in the course of trade, including international transactions
  • specialist consultancy regarding contracts related to bill of exchange trading

Tax consultancy

  • representation during tax audits and proceedings, in particular in the field of VAT
  • preparing applications for tax interpretations
  • conducting proceedings before administrative courts
  • tax audits
  • current tax advice
  • tax advisory in the restructuring process
The team

In order to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services, our Law Firm cooperates with experienced attorneys at law, legal counsels, notaries, tax advisors, patent attorneys and sworn translators.


Guided by the principle that the remuneration for legal services should be adequate to a given case and known to the client, we always discuss the financial terms individually. The fee we charge depends on the type of case, the degree of its complexity and the time required to complete the order. The remuneration is usually determined according to one of the following models:

Remuneration for a specific case/action

In this model, the lawyer sets a predetermined amount of remuneration, which is payable in a whole sum or in instalments. This form of settlement may refer, in particular, to: preparation of information or legal opinion, preparation of a contract, representation of the client in court regarding a specific case.

Lump sum remuneration for permanent legal services

In this case, a fixed monthly fee for ongoing legal services is agreed. The remuneration is determined on the basis of a forecast covering, among others, the time needed to deal with the order, the type of cases and the degree of their complexity.

Lump sum with a limit

This model is a combination of a lump-sum remuneration with a system based on hourly rates. In this case, a subscription is agreed for a predetermined number of working hours per month, which allows for preferential terms. The number of hours of legal service purchased in advance is the limit above which the legal services provided will be settled on the basis of a standard hourly rate. The Law Firm always informs the Client that in a given month the limit provided for by the lump sum (subscription) has been reached. The unused time limit under the subscription goes to the next billing period. This form of billing is dedicated primarily to small and medium-sized organizations.

Remuneration based on hourly rates

This type of billing is dedicated especially to Clients who require permanent legal protection, however, it is not possible for them to determine the amount work they need in advance. The actions are carefully recorded, taking into account that the unit of account is every 6 minutes of work started (0.1 h). For the time of travel, necessary to perform the order, the fee is calculated according to 50% of the agreed hourly rate. The invoice for the legal services is issued at the end of each month.

Each of the above settlement models can be combined with the success fee remuneration. In such case the base remuneration may be set at a preferential level.

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